Friday, 17 March 2017


Last week I went to my first ever fashion show. I sat front row in my sister's four season old Camilla & Marc floral racerback dress, olive green Topshop heels which I picked up in an op-shop, and a lick of tester foundation (courtesy of Mecca). Although I had practically sprinted from university to make it on time and snapped photos of elegant models from behind a dirty phone cover with my myki and ID visibly tucked inside, I had an absolute blast!

From crushed velvet detailing on sequin dresses to delicate frills skimming over wrists, many of the designers incorporated key fashion trends popping up in 2017.

Yeojin Bae stayed in line with the impeccable tailoring and colour blocking, which have become synonymous with the label, while Romance Was Born presented a far more original and refreshing display of clothing. When it comes to delving beyond monotonous cocktail dresses, duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales are truly in a league of their own; propelling their label into a kaleidoscope of imagination and colour.

At opposite ends of the androgynous spectrum sat Dion Lee, with sporty silhouettes and clean lines, and Macgraw, infiltrating whimsical and feminine apparel with the occasional pop of yellow.

Bold earrings were the order of the day for Carla Zampatti, with large gold earrings inspired by those of Christie Nicolaides peppered throughout the collection. Ginger & Smart let the intricacy of lace do most of the talking for the garments, opting for an effortless aesthetic with minimal jewelry.

VAMFF was an incredible experience, and hopefully next time I go I will remember to bring another phone cover!



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