Monday, 20 March 2017

An Affair To Remember

My mum first introduced us when I was in high school. I don't think even she realised how far down the rabbit hole I had fallen until it was too late.
I am of course speaking about eBay - an online haven for shoppers wanting everything but the original price-tag!

Despite my ever growing infatuation with eBay, I can't help but realise that it has left me entirely unable to cope with current retail prices. Often I will walk into shops purely to make a mental note of brands to look up later while curled up in my pyjamas.
A guilty pleasure of mine is looking up the prices of 'traditionally cheaper' brands to feel better about a splurge, as my credit card statement ends up looking like nothing in comparison!

When I first used eBay I could somehow never find the contemporary or stylish labels that my mum would fill her watch list with. The thing about shopping second-hand clothing online is you need to know exactly what you like and have a strong grasp of brands which you gravitate towards. Fortunately, eBay provides other suggested search options if you get a little lost amongst the masses of apparel. However, that also means everyone who is after a romantic Zimmermann dress will now be searching trawling through the same suggestions.

Another tip if you want to browse eBay broadly, is to search under 'auction' and stick to your own country, as beyond these two search functions resides a lot of junk people want to simply get rid of quickly.

Just a word to the wise, once eBay has you hooked it will be line and sinker. No joke, I honestly had to stop in the middle of writing this to bid on a Manning Cartell dress!!



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