Monday, 20 March 2017

An Affair To Remember

My mum first introduced us when I was in high school. I don't think even she realised how far down the rabbit hole I had fallen until it was too late.
I am of course speaking about eBay - an online haven for shoppers wanting everything but the original price-tag!

Despite my ever growing infatuation with eBay, I can't help but realise that it has left me entirely unable to cope with current retail prices. Often I will walk into shops purely to make a mental note of brands to look up later while curled up in my pyjamas.
A guilty pleasure of mine is looking up the prices of 'traditionally cheaper' brands to feel better about a splurge, as my credit card statement ends up looking like nothing in comparison!

When I first used eBay I could somehow never find the contemporary or stylish labels that my mum would fill her watch list with. The thing about shopping second-hand clothing online is you need to know exactly what you like and have a strong grasp of brands which you gravitate towards. Fortunately, eBay provides other suggested search options if you get a little lost amongst the masses of apparel. However, that also means everyone who is after a romantic Zimmermann dress will now be searching trawling through the same suggestions.

Another tip if you want to browse eBay broadly, is to search under 'auction' and stick to your own country, as beyond these two search functions resides a lot of junk people want to simply get rid of quickly.

Just a word to the wise, once eBay has you hooked it will be line and sinker. No joke, I honestly had to stop in the middle of writing this to bid on a Manning Cartell dress!!



Friday, 17 March 2017


Last week I went to my first ever fashion show. I sat front row in my sister's four season old Camilla & Marc floral racerback dress, olive green Topshop heels which I picked up in an op-shop, and a lick of tester foundation (courtesy of Mecca). Although I had practically sprinted from university to make it on time and snapped photos of elegant models from behind a dirty phone cover with my myki and ID visibly tucked inside, I had an absolute blast!

From crushed velvet detailing on sequin dresses to delicate frills skimming over wrists, many of the designers incorporated key fashion trends popping up in 2017.

Yeojin Bae stayed in line with the impeccable tailoring and colour blocking, which have become synonymous with the label, while Romance Was Born presented a far more original and refreshing display of clothing. When it comes to delving beyond monotonous cocktail dresses, duo Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales are truly in a league of their own; propelling their label into a kaleidoscope of imagination and colour.

At opposite ends of the androgynous spectrum sat Dion Lee, with sporty silhouettes and clean lines, and Macgraw, infiltrating whimsical and feminine apparel with the occasional pop of yellow.

Bold earrings were the order of the day for Carla Zampatti, with large gold earrings inspired by those of Christie Nicolaides peppered throughout the collection. Ginger & Smart let the intricacy of lace do most of the talking for the garments, opting for an effortless aesthetic with minimal jewelry.

VAMFF was an incredible experience, and hopefully next time I go I will remember to bring another phone cover!



Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Shopping Regrets

'Shopper's Regret' - probably the worst two words that can be strung together (... unless we're counting 'President Trump'). There is nothing worse than seeing something sit in your wardrobe month after month, getting more love from moths than your body. Especially when said item was *cough* a bit of a splurge! For some reason it seems to be these items that we hold on to throughout clean outs because the thought of wasting money on something we have never worn is so unbearable.

To avoid buying items that get less attention than Paris Hilton in 2016 ask yourself if your style icon would wear it. I always like to go shopping with someone in mind who looks effortless and timeless so when I pull out that trendy item that will soon be taboo, I know that I should probably put it back. Although it sounds a little ridiculous I legitimately ask myself *while looking at whatever I have pulled off the rack*, 'is this is the person I want to be?' Nine times out of ten I swear this question works!

Just because something is on a SUPER sale doesn't mean you should just spend money on it. Think about your favourite fashion blogger or celebrity etc. and really think about if you are buying this because you truly love it or because it's cheap/everyone else is wearing it. 

Finally, it's important to not get caught up in any fashion dry-spells. There are always going to be times when nothing in stores seems to be 'just right' and everything in your wardrobe has started to feel a little 'blah'. Don't lower your shopping standards to fit with the current trends if they aren't something you love!

Good luck shopping!!!!!


Sunday, 26 June 2016

The Canadian Tuxedo

I am a double denim addict. I don't have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times I have reached for a denim shirt and pair of jeans! But ever since Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears decided to wear every denim item in their wardrobes back in 2001, double denim has since received a bad rap as being the ultimate sign of daggy.

Playing with double denim can be risky, it seems to contradict everything that the fashion industry has groomed within each of us. But for the past few seasons more and more celebrities and bloggers have been sporting canadian tuxedos and looking god damned amazing while doing it!

The trick to pulling off double denim is to take baby steps ... don't pull a full JT/Britney just yet (or ever)! Try teaming different shades of denim and be sure to break it up with modern accents. My two favourite ways to accessorise the canadian tuxedo are: 1. a bright red lip and 2. (with cuffed jeans) black ankle boots

Just the other day I threw on some light wash jeans, silver glitter sneakers (because why not), a white t-shirt with a metallic heart, and a denim jacket. I complemented the look with an orange Liebeskind bag and MAC's dangerous (red) lipstick.

I honestly can't get enough of this trend!!! Heck I'm even wearing denim in my profile picture!

So throw on your denim jeans and jacket, roll up the sleeves, add a red lip and some statement earrings, and rock the hell out of what everyone's been talking about since Justin and Britney put it on the map - the canadian tuxedo. 



Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What to wear when you have "nothing to wear"

Sometimes fashion and I aren't always on the best terms. There are times when I walk into my wardrobe and there is NOTHING to wear (even though there is a wardrobe full of clothes in front of me).

These days are like giant pimples - they always happen when you have exciting plans or are too rushed to wave your magic concealer wand. Why they can't pop up when you were planning to spend the day sitting around at home watching netflix and eating junk food - I don't know!

So whether you were planning to go on a first date with a cute guy, or out to a restaurant with that one friend who always looks like they had an army of fashion experts prepare her for battle (aka Thursday night drinks), I've got your back!

I know I know we've heard about the LBD being the perfect fallback a thousand times, but trust me, it's for good reason! The LBD says "I'm classy" and "I just threw this on" all at the same time without trying too hard! You can keep it stylish with a good pair of heels or funk it up with some cool sneakers and a bomber jacket. The most important thing to remember is buy an LBD that suits you! If you are going to wear it every time you have one of those 'I have nothing to wear days' you need to feel amazing in it - that means it should be tailored to your figure and accentuate your favourite parts of your body.

The Classic Jeans and Tee
Nothing says effortless chic like a good pair of jeans and a t-shirt! Throw a blazer over your shoulders, add a bold lip, tie your hair up in a ponytail and you are good to go!
And there are so many variations you can team these basics with, so have fun with your accessories and don't sweat the small stuff knowing that the foundation of your outfit looks flattering as f#@k!

Take Inspo From The Past
Or if you are still stuck for ideas then wear something you know you look badass in. Yes you won't be wearing a new combination of clothes, but you will still look incredible!
So think back to the last time you felt sexy and stylish, maybe scroll through your photos for some reminders, and revisit that outfit! However, if you're thinking about wearing the outfit you went clubbing in last Saturday to a job interview ... maybe go for a different past look.

Hopefully you keep these tips in mind the next time you are having one of those ugh fashion days!
Stay stylish my fashionistas!


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Outdoor Cinemas

This is the only time when rain will prevent you from watching a movie. 

There is something so fun about lying back on a picnic rug under the stars on a balmy summers' evening while watching a film on the big screen. Outdoor cinemas really do take the movie experience to a new level - with plenty of leg room, lying out in the warm night air, and being able to bring an entire basket full of food!

Outdoor cinemas are a great summertime activity for anyone who enjoys spending time with friends, watching films and being outdoors – aka all of us! So why not grab a friend or two, pack a picnic basket and attend the next movie screening near you (provided the weather is good of course)

I went last week with my sister and a basket full of delicious food to a screening of 'Gone Girl’ in the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. The evening was incredible – perfect weather and an amazing film, with the city skyline as the perfect backdrop. 

Here are a few tips, if you are going to your first outdoor cinema event: 
  1. Get there early as the prime spots are sure to fill up quickly!
  2. Bring plenty of blankets and pillows. Not only does it get chilly as the evening progresses, but the ground can get a little uncomfortable and you will need something to prop yourself up on to see the screen. 
  3. Check the weather forecast before booking your tickets. There is nothing worse than having your movie session rained out (although most cinemas will allow you to redeem your ‘rain out tickets’)! 

There are plenty of outdoor cinemas open during summer, so it is likely that you will have no problem finding one near you.