Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Shopping Regrets

'Shopper's Regret' - probably the worst two words that can be strung together (... unless we're counting 'President Trump'). There is nothing worse than seeing something sit in your wardrobe month after month, getting more love from moths than your body. Especially when said item was *cough* a bit of a splurge! For some reason it seems to be these items that we hold on to throughout clean outs because the thought of wasting money on something we have never worn is so unbearable.

To avoid buying items that get less attention than Paris Hilton in 2016 ask yourself if your style icon would wear it. I always like to go shopping with someone in mind who looks effortless and timeless so when I pull out that trendy item that will soon be taboo, I know that I should probably put it back. Although it sounds a little ridiculous I legitimately ask myself *while looking at whatever I have pulled off the rack*, 'is this is the person I want to be?' Nine times out of ten I swear this question works!

Just because something is on a SUPER sale doesn't mean you should just spend money on it. Think about your favourite fashion blogger or celebrity etc. and really think about if you are buying this because you truly love it or because it's cheap/everyone else is wearing it. 

Finally, it's important to not get caught up in any fashion dry-spells. There are always going to be times when nothing in stores seems to be 'just right' and everything in your wardrobe has started to feel a little 'blah'. Don't lower your shopping standards to fit with the current trends if they aren't something you love!

Good luck shopping!!!!!


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