Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Your Guide to Secondhand Shopping

aka your guide to fashion minus the $$$

I've always loved second hand clothing. For me the excitement of a market or an op shop is not knowing what I will find ... or if I will find anything at all. There will always be those days where the only good item you found turned out to have a giant hole in the back, an odour suggesting the previous owner died in it or ... the dreaded pit stains. And while these times are always incredibly disappointing, the times when you find the hidden gems of second hand clothing are amazing!

Let's not dodge this any longer, one of the best things about second hand shopping is the price! You are able to buy clothes that cost less than a fraction of the RRP. I don't know about you, but my wallet can't afford to shop at Chanel every other day (or even every other year if I'm being honest)! And don't be quick to judge the small price tag, you can find plenty of quality and relatively unworn clothing  (designer if you're lucky) that would ordinarily cost an arm and a leg!

Top Tips for Second Hand Shopping

  1. You can tell a lot by what the seller is wearing. If you like their outfit then it is often a sign that what they are selling will suit your taste. If their clothes don't match your taste then take it as a sign to walk on by.  
  2. Don't be afraid to negotiate with the seller. Took debating in school? Then dust off those old skills and get yourself a bargain! If you aren't happy to spend the price they have recommended, ask them if that is their best price (and be sure to cross your fingers). Hopefully you can take some money off the asking price! Just make sure you are being reasonable. 
Op Shops 
  1. You will need to hunt through trash to find treasure. When shopping second hand you will need to go through the items that smell a little bit funky and look less than attractive. But don't dismiss certain sections just because there doesn't appear to be anything good at a glance. Often you will come across something you love when you least expect it so hunt through everything!



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