Thursday, 29 October 2015

Outdoor Cinemas

This is the only time when rain will prevent you from watching a movie. 

There is something so fun about lying back on a picnic rug under the stars on a balmy summers' evening while watching a film on the big screen. Outdoor cinemas really do take the movie experience to a new level - with plenty of leg room, lying out in the warm night air, and being able to bring an entire basket full of food!

Outdoor cinemas are a great summertime activity for anyone who enjoys spending time with friends, watching films and being outdoors – aka all of us! So why not grab a friend or two, pack a picnic basket and attend the next movie screening near you (provided the weather is good of course)

I went last week with my sister and a basket full of delicious food to a screening of 'Gone Girl’ in the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne. The evening was incredible – perfect weather and an amazing film, with the city skyline as the perfect backdrop. 

Here are a few tips, if you are going to your first outdoor cinema event: 
  1. Get there early as the prime spots are sure to fill up quickly!
  2. Bring plenty of blankets and pillows. Not only does it get chilly as the evening progresses, but the ground can get a little uncomfortable and you will need something to prop yourself up on to see the screen. 
  3. Check the weather forecast before booking your tickets. There is nothing worse than having your movie session rained out (although most cinemas will allow you to redeem your ‘rain out tickets’)! 

There are plenty of outdoor cinemas open during summer, so it is likely that you will have no problem finding one near you. 



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